Monday, August 02, 2004

Thompson Story and dog makes an appearance.

If you have never spent a few minutes with Thompson Story, you have been slighted.
This elderly gentleman is a delight and full of knowledge of Coweta Co history.
He was a carpenter in his heyday, and worked on houses in and around Coweta. He worked a lot for Mrs Banks in Grantville.
He never stops talking, I needed my tape recorder bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He talks so fast I can't even write hardly anything down. I can type 100wpm, but I can't listen and write much of anything. Especially around him cause he is cracking jokes too. His memories jump around so fast too, that I have to say wait a minute tell me that again...... He is one character I wish I would have known when he was younger. I've known him about 4 years, thru his daughter's family whom I'm in Boy Scouts with.

Thompson Story is a desendant of the Banks family of Fayette Co, his ancestors traced out in the book by Frances Banks Story of Newnan GA. (book is "Grandpa's Family")
He is the son of Calvin C & Lonnie Mae Lyle Story'; grandson of John Addison Storey who served with the 13th GA Volunteer Calvary Reg, Co F, and Susan Elizabeth 'Betty' Kidd; great grandson of George & Mary Legg Storey; gg grandson of John Storey (1750-1920); ggg grandson of George (1725-1805) and Nancy Cantor Storey.

He also said he dated Miss Caldwell. The lady who owned and lived in the house the museum is in now. Well Miss Caldwell, you let a good one slip through your fingers when you let Mr. Story go.....

Col. M L Chalder Visits

Colonel M L Chalder visited the museum the other day.
He talks so fast, I didn't get all of it, but I assume he was Air Force, cause he loves Newnan High School, and they have AF ROTC.
He said he volunteers with them some. He is also very interesting.
I enjoyed the time he was here, and hope he brings his wife up too.
He said he used to own an antique shop in North GA, but it burned.

And of coarse, we had taken our military exhibit down to change everything out for our Anniversary. But he said he would come back on military holidays.
Hopefully he will come and tell us some stories about his adventures in life.

Retired Foreign Service Officer Visits

During our Anniversary July 10th, Mr. & Mrs Timothy Edwards (wife Bennie) and two of their friends visited. Mr. Edwards is a descendant of a slave named Adam Nelson.
As far as he knows they were from Dooly County Georgia.
Adam was born 1834 and died 1896. He married Harriet, she was born 1843 and died in 1917.
To this union there was birthed: Bartow, Lee, William, Johnson, Isaiah, Lank, James A, Gilbert, Emma, Clara, Anna, Mary Lou, Amanda, Elizah, Susan and Rosa.
Mary Lou lived to be 96 years old, and was the longest living survivor.
Mr. Edwards is the grandson of Bartow born 1862. Bartow married Lodusta Moore. Their daughter Christine married Joseph Edwards, thence Timothy was born.

Mr. Edwards served in foreign service for 30 years. Part of that time was spent in Africa.
I will get all the details the next time I speak with him, and let you all know how many countries he served in. I do believe he said he speaks at least 5 different languages.

He is an amazing man. I hope we get the time in the near future to fully interview him about his foreign service.

There were many other interesting people at our First Anniversary Celebration, I just felt Mr Edwards was very interesting, and spent a few more minutes speaking to him. But unfortunately I only speak "southern English".