Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visitors all the way from England

Today Wed 21st, I enjoyed my short time with Mr & Mrs Steve Williams. They are touring parts of the South. I am so glad they ended up in Newnan and in the Museum. They told me that Liverpool and Bristol were began as port for mainly the slave trade. We discussed lots of interesting things. But also the fact that Jamacians began to re-integrate England in the 1940's and later. They were taught that England was their motherland, but when they moved there, there were many places that had signs "No blacks allowed". So they could not even find a place to spend the night in their HOMELAND. Also that the first Director of the museum's mother is from Jamacia and that Cynthia is now doing short films for the BBC about Jamacians who moved to England. Tracing their families now back to Jamacia is the ultimate goal.

Denmark Journalist visit Coweta

Thanks to the jounalists for visiting the Museum on the 12th of May! Their ideas from places outside the US was very enlightening. They are here to cover the election from Coweta's point of view. As you know you do not talk politics at a non-profit place. So conversations on that point was limited. They did enjoy the tour of the museum and my stories of black history here. I told them more places to see and people to talk to including Sarah Thomas and Josephine Rush Whatley.