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Nathan Arnold lives to be 107 years

Nathan Arnold's tombstone says he lived to be 107 years old, his wife Adelaide's tombstone says she lived to be 105 years old, and both are buried in Grantville City Cemetery, Grantville Georgia.
--The 1870 Coweta Census reports that Nathan was born around 1840 in North Carolina, and Adline his wife was born about 1844 in Virginia. Nothing else is known about their life before they came to Georgia or even how they got here. It also says that Adline was mulatto, and they had Malinda 7yrs, Joshua 5yrs, Frances 3yrs, and Nathan 2yrs.
--The 1880 Coweta Census reports that Nathan and Adlaid (name was different on each census) were 40 and 37, and children Joshua 15, Nora 9, Laura 7, John A 6, Robert L 4, Pearley 2, and Clauda 4 months.
--The 1890 Census burned in the Nations Capital not many sheets from Georgia survived.
--The 1900 Coweta Census reports Nathan 60 yrs born NC, Adlade 57 born VA, Otis 20, Ben F 17, Leona 14, and Eddy R West a 10yr old grandaughter living with them, Res#72-75.
--1900 Coweta Census Winney Arnold is next door, Res#76, born GA in 1870Apr widowed, Elizabeth 1889, Eli? 1890Dec, Morgan 1892May, Jake? 1894Nov, Asbury1898July, Josh 1900Apr.
--1900 CowetaCensus John Arnold 27, Kate 28 (md 5y 4/4), Eula 3, Marshall 2, Jessie 3mo, Clessie 3mo; Res#78-84 Cedar Creek.
--1900 Coweta Census Nora Arnold 30yr widow, born GA in 1870Apr, had 2 children 1 living; Res#342-364 Grantville.
--1900 Coweta Census Frank Arnold 30Ga, Carrie29 (md7y 6/5), Joe 12, Norman 8, Rozella 6, Emily 5mo; Res#28-30 CedarCreek. (is this Frances?)
--1900 Coweta Census Emily born 1862, widow 8children 4living, Frances 17fe, Beulah 12; Res#29-31 Cedar Creek (is this Malinda?)
--1900 Coweta Census Minnie Arnold 22, widow 3 children, George 4, Selima 2, Etta 8mo; Res#29-23 CedarCreek (is this Pearlie or Malinda?)
--The 1910 Coweta Census reports Nathan 69, Adlaide 67, they have been married for 40 years and had 14 children and 9 are living in 1910, also Wiliam 26 son, Ama Stinson 24(m1 11y 3/3), Laura10, Beola 8, Jennie 6 all granddaughters, & Edward Cleveland 5 grson.. Res#9-9 Grantville
--1910 Coweta Census Jno Arnold 37, Kate 28 (m1 14yrs 4/3), Eula M 13, Marshall 11, Jesse 10; Res#62-62 CedarCreek (everyone but John mulatto).
--1910 Coweta Census Emily Arnold 65? mother in law, Bula 20 sil, Willie C 7mo nephew of Aaron Echols 22 & wife Francis 28 (m1 7y 8/6); Res#143-145 Cedar Creek. (Emily is getting older and older?? why?).
--1910 Coweta Census Frank Arnold 34, Carrie 40 (m1 15yrs 8/6), Rosetta 15, Emily 11, Norman 17, James 8; Res#264-268 Dist 645.
--1910 Coweta Census Joshua Arnold 40, Minnie 38 (md 22y 12/9), Elizabeth 20, Sarah 18, Morgan 17, Jacob 15, Asbury 11, Eddie 8, Berther 4, Early 2, Ona 1; Res#111-112 MD755 (is this Joshua from 1870 census?).
--1910 Coweta Census Otis Arnold 30, Minnie 28, Hugh E 8, Myrtie M 7; Res#120-121 MD755.
--the 1920 Coweta Census reports Nathan 85NC, Adlaide 77VA, Annie Butler, a 40yr old widowed dtr; Laura Brown a 21yr old grand dtr; Josephine Brown 2yr2mo great-great gdtr; and Jimmie L Stinson a 19 yr old grand dtr living with them; Res#85-85 St Charles.
--1920 Lee Arnold 47, Julia 46, Cora Newell 25neice, James3y3m nephew, Annie 5mo neice; REs#86-86 St Charles.
--1920 Coweta Census Josh Arnold 60, Winnie 54, Eddie 19, Berthula 14, Earlie 12, Ora11, Elizabeth Redan? 29dtr; Res#59-59 St Charles.
--1920 Coweta Census William P Arnold 40, Annie M 30, William C 13, Syl V 11son, Annie 9, MildredL7, Cora O 5, Millard W 3y3m, Levi 10 & L M 7 COUCH stepsons; Res#80-80 St Charles (is this Pearly from 1880 Census?).

-Son Joshua married Winnie Watkins on Jan 23 1887; and by the 1900 Census he may have died, because Winnie was alone 30yrs, with Elizabeth 10yr, Salie M 9yr, Morgan 8yr, Jake 5yr, Asbury 1yr and Josh 1 month. By the 1920 Census, Josh 60yr, Willine 54, Eddie B 19, Burthula 12, Earlie 12y, Ora 11, and Elizabeth Redin 29yr old dtr living with them.

-Daughter Frances may have married William Elder on Dec 24 1904 in Coweta Co.

-Daughter Nora married Robert West on Oct 02 1887 in Coweta. And by 1910 She was widowed, living alone and had had one child. Up the street was Robert West 20yr with wife Arbele 21y, married 3yrs, (Arbelle had 2 children and 2 living). Robert and Arabelle married on May 26 1907 in Coweta Co.

-Son Otis married Winnie Harris on Dec 24 1901 in Coweta Co. On the 1910 Census, Otis was 31y, Minnie 28y (married 8y, 2children, 2living), Hugh E 8yr, and Myrtis M 7yr.

-Did daughter Annie marry a Butler?

-Daughter Leona married John Jennings on May 23 1915 in Coweta Co.
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