Saturday, June 26, 2004

About Dianne, her work & fun

I am Dianne Wood, I have a Coweta Co website at

--I started it 5 years ago, in hopes of helping people find their roots. My main surnames are Ivey, Couch, & Hubbard. But of coarse it branches out to almost all of Coweta Co.

--My parents died my senior yr of high school. We grew up like most poor folks then, happy and contented. But not without conflict and heartaches.

--I married Terry Wood, and have one son, Andrew. But have had 10 foster children (none now) 140 cub scouts, and 58 boy scouts. Am still the Advancement Chairman for Troop 47 and the Assistant District Commissioner for Coweta District, Flint River Council Boy Scouts of America.

--My husband is from Greensboro NC, and is now in the middle of his mid-life crisis. He changed jobs, and is now a "Truck Driver". His previous jobs were: Corrections Officer 16yrs, Construction 5yrs, Teaching Red Cross Classes 2yrs. But I guess with my son 17, and my husband on the road, I have more time for Genealogy!!!!!

--I have been researching my family for 9 years, since my son was a cub scout trying to answer questions about his roots. I have been a secretary for most of my adult life, but also taking several other types of jobs because when my husband was transferred from prison to prison(as a guard), I had to change jobs also.

--We have been active in Boy Scouts for 11 years, since my son's first grade year. He is now working his eagle project, surveying and taking pics of tombstones and cleaning a couple of cemeteries in Coweta County.

--I have written Vol 1 and Vol 2 of "A Sketch of The William Washington Couch Family" a book on the Couch & related families of Coweta and surrounding counties and back to SC.

--My third project is a collection of deaths of Coweta and many other counties in Georgia. (you can look on the GAGenWeb and the American History and Genalogy Project site for some of my stuff.)

--My fourth project is an expansion of the "Inlaw" section of my books, because the Inlaw section is now 580 pages (front only). It seems as if I or my cousins are kin to everyone who was in Coweta before 1900.

--My fifth project is a booklet on the "History of the town of Grantville Georgia. Will include business and the genealogy of the residents.

--I now work/volunteer at "The Coweta Museum" official name "The Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center". And man do I have fun, what a dream job! I get to help people who have no idea of how to research or sometimes of who their grandparents are, everyday! Some people come in once and never come back, but some get addicted like most of us.

--I am still indexing and transcribing Records of Coweta Co, but with everything else going on right now, am a little behind on what I thought I could get completed.

--My son and I have taken about 20,000 pictures of tombstones, and are working on the other 150,000 stones of Coweta Co. Am tring to find all of the ones listed in the Cemetery Book done in 1986 by the Coweta Co Genealogical Society, and update the cemeteries.

--Don't know what else to say except, that I am glad I fell into genealogy, it has enriched my life, and I have met such wonderful people I would never have come across otherwise.

--Please go see our sixth project:
started to have a place for my son's eagle project pictures and work.

--And don't forget about Tribal pages, a new site for placing your family trees. It will open up to my page, but to see others, click on "Tribalpages" in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and then you will see a search bar at the top and can put in any surname. To get back to my site, type in "CowetaFamilies" in the ID bar.

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