Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Annual Budget of Coweta County GA 1962 Donated

The budgets back in the 1960's were very simple.
But they did tell all the office holders of the county, elected and appointed.
For example, the Board of Commissioners Chairman was Dr. T. W. Sewell.
And the Public Works Camp Warden was J. Wendell Whitlock. (he was the warden when my husband worked there in 1986).
The County Police were George A Massey and W. Fred Smith....that's all...two of them!!!!

The total receipts for year 1962 were estimated to be $1,010,212.46
The total expenditures for the year were estimated to be $438,262.46
The total expenditures of the Board of Commissioners, Roads and Revenue $571,950.00

The whole Commissioner budget was $19,980
The County Attorney was paid $2400
The County Treasurer was paid $300
The City Court Judge was paid $8000

What a treasure this little booklet is.
There is much more in here, come on over to the museum to see it.

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