Thursday, July 22, 2004

Descendant of Slave named in Coweta Will found!

July 17, 2004 

Great news!!! Our new researcher Rhonda Barrow, African American Genealogy and Historical Society AAGHS), Atlanta Chapter member, has made a huge break through. She has located and interviewed by telephone the descendent of one of the slaves from the Bailey plantation!!!
Future plans for this discovery for starters are:
    A lunch meeting to introduce the slave owner descendent and the slave decedent.
    Of course guest on A Story To Tell (Cynthia's tv show on local cable)
    News coverage when the time is right. The lady is an employee of AJC!
    A case study to be written to be presented to AAGHS, Coweta Genealogy Society, NGS (National Genealogy Society) and others for entry into their quarterly magazine.
    Cass, Larry, Kevin a video is a must of this.
    Wallene, an exhibit of this is next.
    Banks, as soon as we get written collaboration we will get it on the site. Not yet though.
This is big folks. :-))) Big kudos to Rhonda!!! She has done a great job in such a short time!!

Cynthia Rosers

This is a result of a will of Mrs. Bailey, who went to TX with her husband.
When he died, she came back to Georgia, with 7 slaves (I think 7).
We began to research the names of the slaves.
Then Rhonda came down to volunteer with us.
She started the trek, and within just a few weeks,
she had found a descendant!!!!
It is all so exciting.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about this family, but it sounds so exciting to be able to find these things.
I hope to be able to do my family one day. I had talked to the older ones before, but just never quite put it all together yet.
Thanks for all you do.