Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Circles and Family History

Attempting to get people to start their family histories is sometimes like pulling teeth. They know it has to be done, but they would rather be "dead" when it happens.

In the last month or so, it seems as if everyone who comes in is related in some way.

The last visitor, who came to the Awards Banquet, and visited the Museum for the first time, is just this way. I received a call for 4 tickets to the banquet. Mr Alton Kirby said his daughter told him to call and reserve the seats. Then at the banquet, we spoke to them about the museum. They called Cynthia (the director) and set up a time for an interview with Mr Kirby, his wife and his brother.

When the interview was happening, I couldn't help but hear it, it's a small place. And every name I heard, I had already researched for someone else.
So I bided my time, and when there was a lul in the air, I placed my notes on the table in front of his daughter.
-I had researched the Kirby and Huling for the Sutton family.
-I had researched the Cook family for the Wesley Chapel Church Cemetery info.
-I had researched the Stegall family for the Ballard Family Cemetery and then for 3 other families that tied in.

This day was exciting and wierd. We got back to slavery on three different sides, but I already had the research done. The "Powers That Be" work in very mysterious ways indeed.

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