Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ledgers and Letters to be on display

To be announced when they will be on display at the Museum.

Letters, envelopes, and other papers including some of the
following names:

1927;Hutchinson & McGahee General Merchandise, farm supplies from Haralson GA
1926;The Lumbermans Co, Atlanta GA
1925;Finn - Weddington Inc. Lincoln-Ford-Fordson Newnan, GA
1924;Motor Inventions Company from LaCrosse Wis. USA
1926;W.B. Disbro Lumber Co, ..Lumber Mill Work, Interior Finish Sash & Doors, Atlanta
1926;The US Dept of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Wash DC
1924;The Georgia Childrens Home Society
1925;Law Office, Charles Murphey Candler, Atlanta GA
1925;Westbrook's Dept Store, Newnan GA
1923;Corley Manufacturing Co, Chattanooga TN
1924;McKenzie, Lewis & Co Exporters-Importers, High Grade Fertizier& Materials
1921;J Carlisle Postell Wholesale Plants & Seed, Tifton GA
1923;First National Bank Deposit Slip & Postmarked envelope, Newnan GA
1919;Dominick Merchantile Co, Wholesale & Retail Merchants, Dry Goods, Groceries & Farm supplies, Turin GA
1923;B M Drake, County Agent for the Extension Office, Coweta Co GA
1921;Catarrh of the Nose Head & Ears, Dr W O Coffee, Davenport Iowa
1921;George F Jones & Son, Cotton Brokers & Commission Merchants, NY
1918;Woman's National Magazine, Washington DC
1919;The Georgia Ginner's Association, Atlanta GA
1918;Continental Gin Co, Manuf of Cotton Ginning Machinery, Atlanta GA
1909;Letter to Dominick Merchantile about his hand's accounts, Turin GA
1945;Booklet of Constitution & By-Laws of the WMU of the Second Presbyterial
1958;Booklet of Notary Public Law, published by the Sec of State Ben W Fortson Jr
1902;A R Burdett & Co, Cotton sent to H G Bailey
1927;Flowers Lumber Co, Manuf & Wholesale of Yellow Pine Lumber, Atlanta GA
1917;H C Arnall Merchandise Co, Wholesale & Retail Dry Goods & Groceries, Buggies, Wagons, & Harness
1908;H W Camp Co, Merchants & Bankers, Moreland GA
1925;W D Boyce Co Publisher, Chicago IL
1938;US Dept of Agriculture, Washington DC
1914;H C Glover Co, Dealer in Groceries, Wholesale and Retail
1918;Cureton-Cole Co, Dealers in General Merchandise, Moreland GA
1914;I N Orr Co, Newnan GA
1902;G R Bradley Druggist, Greenville St, Newnan GA
1928;Central of Georgia Railway

etc to be completed later....


Anonymous said...

I have a question concerning Grantville, Ga. circa 1864. There is an old house on lagrange St. that was supposed to have been used as an embalming center during the Battle of Atlanta. I have heard this was used by the Confederacy and later by the Union Army after Hood evacuated Atlanta. Are there any records of this?

Dianne said...

I have not heard of this, give me a few days to try and find out something about it.