Friday, July 02, 2004

Is it a Share croppers house? Old abandoned Cemetery....

In November 2003, someone told us that there may be an
old share croppers house in Jonesboro area, so we made
a trek to see. We took pictures, but was only from
around the 1940 to 50's.

Then we stopped at the store and someone told us
about an old abandoned cemetery up the street.
So, we went on up to check it out. We found graves
from 1850's. Nothing further to tell about the
cemetery though. So when we went to lunch, we asked
there, and they said it was a black church, but
they had torn the church down about 20 years ago.
But at least someone knew something, and she gave
us a number to call to see if the lady could
remember anything more.

Trekers: Cynthia Rosers, Bernice Cameron & Dianne Wood.

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Terie said...

Y'all are doing some amazing stuff.
How can all these things just come together?
It is truely magnanamous!!!