Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mary M Scott lived to be at least 130 yrs in MS

One of the members (name withheld) of our Museum, is a desendent of Mary M Scott.
Mary was moved to Mississippi as a slave, 7 years before the town was developed and named.
It eventually was called Kascinsko, in Yazoo County.
She died in 1945 or 46 in Yazoo, she was at least 130 yrs old.
Her desendents moved all over the nation, but some ended up in Newnan GA.
Ms. Emma daughter of Wesley & Emma Scott Dodd,
grand daughter of Niles & Bobbie Hall Dodd and Fletcher & Lizzie Franklin Scott.

We find Mary Scott in Hale Co AL, town of Laneville 117 years old in 1930.

We are sure there was an article in the Yazoo County MS Newspaper,
and also in the "Defender" in Chicago IL, because relatives came from there for the funeral
and went back and put it in the paper.
Anyone with access to these newspapers and willing to send us the article will receive more jewels in your crown, and our 'kudos'.

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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