Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The "New" Georgia Archives

As most of you know, the Georgia Archives moved from its building on Capital Avenue in Atlanta to and brand spanking new facility in Jonesboro. It is excitingly beautiful, a joy to behold. And it seems as if with the new building came a better computer system too. If we could only see from our homes what the archives holding includes, it would be magnificent! But only thru the searches on their computer can we see the loose paper collections, the boxes and boxes and folders available to us...

I went there to research the Midwife records and found so much more. Microfilm upon microfilm to search thru to attain data that has not been indexed. One could spend years indexing and "finiding" all sorts of interesting things that would make a genealogist squeal with delight, that someone finally found their "great great grandfathers record" that they had been searching for for 50 years.... Don't we wish more people would donate one day a month, a quarter, a year to look thru old records and index them for posterity!

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