Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Coweta sends partial midwife exhibit to Smithsonian

September 26, 2005, I Fed Ex'd to the Smithsonian via the Anacosta Museum, part of our "Coweta County Midwife Collection" for their Midwife exhibit that will be shown from Nov 13 to March 6th....Isn't it exciting!!!!

Last year Mr John Kirkland brought theselittle scraps of paper to the museum. He saw Cynthia Roserson the Newnan station and when she said bring in things thatyou think might be of intrest to us, he did.The scraps of paper belonged to his great grandmother, Louise Wilcoxon, a midwife until the 1930's or 40's. She would write on any scrap she could find, the baby's name, weight, birth time, parents names, and birth counties. Then when she got home she would fill in the birth certificate and file it properly.

The intern from the Smithsonian was just "surfing the web" for Midwife information when she got a hit from Georgia. She found the blog I do for the Museum and emailed me..... and as they say the rest is HISTORY!

I did go to the GA Archives to seek more info on Midwives, and only found data from 1957 to 72. She copied the Coweta data and mailed it to me for free, but I have emailed back and asked for Meriwether, Spalding, Heard, Fayette, and Carroll County's midwife data too.
So if any of you know anyone who was a midwife or was birthed by a midwife, please let me know. We are searching for pictures of the midwives.

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Hi there Dianne, I am out surfing for the latest information on "family tree" and found your site. Although Coweta sends partial midwife exhibit to Smithsonian wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it caught my attention and interest. I see now why Google pointed me to this page while I was searching for "family tree" related stuff. Not the best fit, but I spent a few minutes reading some of the posts anyway- interesting.