Sunday, March 30, 2008

Church History

1840--Newnan Chapel forebears purchased land for the church one dollar. Church members worked after their day’s work was completed dug clay from the banks of a stream on the property and made bricks of sand, clay and water to use in the building of the church.

Neriah Baptist in Senoia is said to go back to 1842.

The Mount Vernon First Baptist Church began small in 1863 as they met under a brush arbor. In 1869 a log cabin was built at the corner of Robinson & Savannah Streets.

Summer Hill Baptist Church is mentioned in court records as early as 1869.

Mount Sinai Baptist members began meeting shortly after the emancipation of the slaves under a brush arbor about 1870?

China Grove Baptist in Turin can trace it’s history back to about 1871.
Wesley Chapel Methodist on Smokey Rd in Newnan goes back to 1872.
And Great Mt Zion AME has been said to have been started around 1873.

Mt Prospect Baptist was organized in 1873. Church services and school were held in the orignial building until 1913. Mrs. Sarah Fisher Brown first taught school here. Mr Everett Lyles recalled his first year of school in 1907. The church burned in 1913.

We found an article in the Newnan Times Herald that links Powell Chapel UMC on Country Club Rd Newnan back to 1888. Rev. Welcome Sutton was pastor there for many years. He was well loved and respected in the community.

Old Mt Bethlehem on Corinth Rd goes back to 1890, and the First St Marks Methodist Episcopal Church traces back to 1901. However the community says Oak Grove Baptist on Sewell Mill Road went back to 1903.

And there are many other old church families that we need dates for the church and some history told about them.
Help us acquire the information if you know it.
Please visit this website for more churches and dates.

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