Sunday, March 30, 2008

Midwives, a remebering of the past

Old times dictated that the only town or county Doctor could not be in more places than one. Hense, the person and term 'Midwife' came to be. They did the "birthing of the babies" when the doctor could not be present.

We have researched at the Georgia Archives and only could come up with some names from 1957 to 1974. What happend to the old records has not yet been determined.

Some early Coweta Midwives were Louisa Wilcoxon, Lavonia Billingslea Huling and Missie Battle among others.
Midwives in Coweta County in 1957 were: Rosa Ball Barber, Annie Bennett, Artie Mae Bowen, Annie Sue Harris, Josie Johnson, Lugenia Jones, Lollie Smith, Margaret Johnson Smith, Lille Jane Stargell, and Minnie Barber Thompson. Retired midwives were Missie Battle, Mary Cox, Lavonia Huling, Julia Rogers and Primmer Yates.
Another name that came up was Rachel Whittington….and many more, help us get a good list of Midwives.

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