Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cassandra looking for Thomas and Lowe cousins

>Atlanta Author, Cassandra L. Thomas came to Coweta on January 27, 2009 to research her Thomas, Lowe, Denson, Smith, and Barnes families. Her great grandparents Abe(1876) and Willie(1882) Smith were in Henry County in 1930. Her great grandparents, John Preston Thomas, Sr. (1888) and Estelle Lowe (1896) were in Coweta earlier than 1900. Estelle died in 1932. Their son John Jr. married Annie Maude Smith, daughter of Richard and Mollie Barnes Smith of Culloden, Ga. On September 4, 1943.

We worked on the family history for and hour or so and then went to the Probate office to see if there was a marriage certificate for them. We found one and moved on to the Deed office, which is where the pic was taken. No deeds were found but we drove down to Grantville to see the approximate place where they were in early 1900's. Cassandra is ready to move down to Coweta because of its beauty, serenity and calmness. She lives downtown Atlanta now and hates traffic.

After successfully locating family members on January 27th, Cassandra returned to Newnan four days later on January 31, 2009 with her uncle Ricky and auntie Juanita to meet newfound family members that her aunts and uncles had not seen in over forty-five years.

Update: Over 100 family members showed up for the Thomas, Lowe & Bonner Family Reunion - 46 Years Later at the home of Willie Whatley in Hogansville, Ga on July 4th. Cassandra is also Founder/Chief Editor of Books Avenue Magazine in Atlanta.

Anyone that can help with this family please call or email us.

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