Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hill and Upshaw descendants come for help

Descendents of Leill Hill who married Alonzo Bell and Garfield Upshaw came to find their relatives. Their daughter Minnie Lee married Thomas Dunlap, who all in the pictures are children and grand children. Martha Dunlap takes a break to tell us a story from Rev. Robert Sutton's favorite chair.

We found Henry Upshaw born about 1840 in North Carolina married Lucy and were in Coweta in 1870 and 1880. Some of their children came back and forth from Meriwether to Coweta several times.

William Hill born about 1818 in North Carolina was in Coweta in 1860 and owned many slaves. We think one of them was Harry Hill born 1844 in Georgia. He married Charlotte and had: July 1863, Margaret 1865 and maybe more. The 1900 Census tells us that July married Rebecca Harris about 1882 and had the following children: Lilah, Harry, Charlotte, Allie Lee, Jim T, Lishary, Paton, Aurelia and Lillie May. Of coarse the names may not be the exactly the ones they were called because the census takers wrote down what they heard and maybe not what was said. Any one with more info please let us know.

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